Emergency Vehicle Driving Simulation



Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Simulator



The FireSim™ Emergency Vehicle Driving Simulator provides high-fidelity real-world driving environments to train decision -making and behavior over a wide range of simulations facing you emergency vehicle operators every day.  Simulation based training with the FireSim™ reinforces positive decision making, spacial awareness through training in a realistic, risk-free environmnet with the ability to repeat scenarios. 

The mission in this program is to increase firefighter safety by emphasizing critical decision making, proactive decision driving, and defensive driving skills, which will make your firefighters better drivers. The goal is to make your response to the emergency a successful one. 
When a driver sits down, a 42 inch monitor dominates your primary field of vision. Two additional monitors stretch as an angle on either side, ensuring that the simulation occupies even the widest range of peripheral vision. The driving simulator is a full visual simulation that will increase firefighter safety, which will mitigate your liability problems and increase your training productivity. You will deal with collision avoidance, intersections, attitudes, physical conditions, environmental conditions, the physiological effects of emergency vehicle operations, and more.

Benefits of Simulation Training include:

  • Accident Reduction: Simulationtraining reinforces positive decision making through training in realistic, risk-free situations.
  • Reinforce Driving Skills: This will translate into reduced accidents, better decision making and reinforcement of policy and procedure.
  • After Action Reviews:  Each scenario is individually recorded with the ability to analyze, reconstruct and implement proper responses and techniques.
  • Increased crew and public safety
  • Choose your Vehicle:  User can choose between various type of emergency fire vehicles, EMS vehicles and cars & SUV's.
  • Confidence: Drivers will be more confident in their abilities to avoid unexpected hazards.

We all become complacent in our driving abilities. This program teaches all users to be aware of the possible hazards and how to deal with them in the real world. Public safety personnel, driving safety equipment, have many distractions to deal with while proceeding to the incident scene. Many of these distractions could potentially prevent that vehicle from arriving. This program will teach you how to implement effective action, be more aware of your surroundings, develop high consciousness and awareness levels, and ultimately improve driving skills.
FireSim can be programmed for many different scenarios or duplication of previous accidents teaching particular skills and dealing with specific problems. Participants can practice and improve their response skills with each scenario in a setting that feels real, but does not put anyone in danger. 


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