Is Onan 6500 Generator the best?

Onan 6500 generator should be working fine. I recently got mines for some reason I can’t get mine to function.

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A next-door neighbor evaluated my alternator and it was only producing 3/10’s of a volt. What could the issue be?

I unintentionally started the power cell while I was plugged into power. I did replace the circuit board and believed this would correct the circumstance but I am still having the same issue.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to troubleshoot, since bringing the Recreational Vehicle into service center is costly, specifically when you don’t know the precise issue. Lots of thanks.

Answer: Your problem is very difficult to identify remotely however we will do our best to assist you. Let us state that unless your working alternator was an add-on and does not go through a transfer switch, there must be no reason why you can not run the alternator while plugged into coast power.

If you have an owner’s manual, try using it to detect the issue. Our owner’s handbook has a lot of good info and assistance in diagnosing issues. If you do not have an owner’s handbook, try searching the Cummins site for your specific design.

Here is one link that might assist: If that stops working, perhaps this link will be of aid for an 4.o onan power cell: RV alternator Handbook (Disclaimer: We are not connected with, nor do we back this website– we simply discovered it in a search online).

Numerous things can trigger the issue you explain: the power cell circuit breaker( s) have tripped, a malfunctioning voltage regulator, a loose ground or hot wire at the alternator, malfunctioning or broken circuitry between the transfer and the 4000 watt or a faulty transfer switch.

Another cause of low or no voltage can be worn brushes or broken wires to the brushes (by the method, some generators do not have brushes).

Best of luck in diagnosing the problem.

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By Stephen Lilley

If you press the “Start” button on your alternator just to discover that the engine shuts down as soon as you release the button, this is the outcome of a serious issue. The control board is not passing along the required amount of voltage to the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator is the part of the unit that divides out power to whatever gadgets are currently plugged into the alternator. You can validate this by plugging a voltage meter into the regulator. This is your issue if the meter is reading less power than what the gauge on the alternator reads. Contact a qualified electrician and have the machine fixed.


The Engine


If your machine isn’t supplying power at all and the “output” gauge is at zero, this might be due to the slip rings on your voltage regulator. It ultimately will not injure the alternator in any long-lasting method; it’s just that your alternator will not supply any power while this is going on.

Display screens

If your screen lights and sign screens on your power cell will not turn on, check the circuit breaker on the back of the system to see if it has actually unintentionally been tripped to the “Off” position. The alternator is merely not holding any power and has actually ended up being harmed.

The Onan 4kw Business (now known as Cummins Power Generation) has successfully remained in the Onan business for over forty years. That’s the prime reason their name is synonymous with power! You can discover Cummins in practically every corner of the earth, the South Pacific, Northeast, and Southeast Asia, Pakistan, India, East Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Canada.

When onboard alternators taken over by Cummins Inc., it offered their line of product an incredible increase since Cummins is a skilled builder of diesel power cells, whose credibility is sterling. To assist in comprehend the magnitude of this acquisition, note this; the Power Generation Company Unit is now ranked as Cummins’ second-largest company segment. That’s saying a lot. This company unit produces, services and offers power generation and related equipment such as alternators and PTO alterantors, developed for both consumer and industrial use.

This newly formed partnership provides a wider series of suppliers and repair work service centers to the currently well-best system for camper. One of the things we have been hearing given that the merger is that customer support and service for their items are more accessible. Any astute business owner understands that great client assistance and service equate into delighted clients and delighted consumers translate into returning customers and word-of-mouth recommendations.

When you consider the machine for trailer line, do not limit yourself to portable rv power cell only. Cummins also provides Commercial Mobile, Marine and RV alternators for numerous functions and usages.

The power cell 5500 lp Line

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Alternator 7500 onan

As you can see, the Onan 6500 generator line covers the gamut from portable power cell power to even powering your RV. If you choose to fulfill your power requires, you’ll get years of service with your purchase.

Evaluations on alternators

What is your function for purchasing an alternator: Change Factory Recreational Vehicle marquis 5000 power cell

What is your level of Mechanical Proficiency?: Helpful Guy

When my factory alternator in my 1990 motor home rv ready gave out, I decided to replace it with this Cummins. We ended up with a quieter more fuel-efficient system and Northern Tools made ordering as easy as 1-2-3! If you own an RV and are looking for power services, I extremely suggest 6.5 power cell.

Pros: fuel effective, very quiet, easy start and power to spare.

Cons: Couldn’t discover a deep discount anywhere

General Ranking: 5 out of 5

Would you advise Alternators?: YES!

Date: November 02, 2007

By J. Smitherson from Tempe, AZ


I bought a couple of replacement parts for my RS 15000 and had to wait for nearly an eternity just to get them. When I examined rates for service, I was surprised; the rates were huge and you’re forced into a corner because Alternators are not serviced by anybody but and I think that stinks to high heaven. My general viewpoint– it’s fantastic alternator, however, because of the aforementioned elements, I ‘d go with another brand.

Would you recommend Cummins Alterantors? By T. Donohue from Anchorage, AK.

Got bit by the green illness bad. This will be my 3rd and 2nd 1800 RPM Onan Genset. More exactly the 1800 RPM is tough to overcome now that I have held a conversation beside one running.

An 1800 RPM Onan for sale “task” showed up on the ads. Missing out on the fuel pump and hour meter reads around 2582 hours (stopped at those hours as it turns out).

Ruin the rear floormat getting it home with wiping the oil off the bottom. Change oil. I buy a slip ring cleaning tool. Brush ohm readings are high, open, and high as I turn and stop the engine by hand. When the tool arrives I use the starter to clean up the slip rings with whatever else disconnected. Get rid of and clean brushes as well. Guidance on here conserved the regulator from possible instantaneous death. Ohms remained in the specification when done.

It fires up utilizing a boat guide to put fuel in the carbohydrate. It instantly shuts down after the start switch is released. UH-HO!

Well, let’s see how it keeps up the switch pushed in. It is gradually accelerating by ear. The throttle shaft is pinned on the idle screw when running: it can’t slow the engine down. So I turn the idle screw down. Fire it up again and the AC light comes on and it remains running. The relief’s not a popped regulator. Run it sometimes using the boat guide and voltages look ok. Will take a 3000W heater load just great.

An hour meter is not working.

Order a Box-O-Parts. Have a weatherproof enclosure constructed by a welder. Pics for your satisfaction.

Now I have a 120V 5HP air compressor that a 3800W Homelite (and the other 4KW) will begin. I discovered that one winding of the 120v on the 7500W will not start it, but the other 120v winding will. The 240V plug was burned terribly when I got the set.

The compressor will spin over a couple of times gradually and after that slow back down and stop. It begins fine on other winding. Try this gas machine

(I did turn the engine RPM approximately see if it would make a distinction and may require to set it back to spec. Shown up governor sensitivity too.).

Voltages (I get ~ 240 across the black and black yellow.).

Black to neutral:

124V No load.

123V 1500W heater.

120V Compressor running and 1500W heater (83V kept in mind while compressor beginning with the heating unit on.).

Black-yellow to neutral.

124V No load.

116V 1500W heater.

64V Compressor not starting and stalled (Heating system off. Will does not begin with heater load on either.).

Am I missing out on a bad connection somewhere or is just one leg of the 240 controlled by the voltage regulator?

The off the shelf 240 to 120v plug utilizes the black-yellow hot to neutral for 120v. I developed a plug that utilizes the other.

Attached Thumbnails.

Click image for larger variation.

It has all the LEDs on the control board. Also, the prior owner ‘repaired’ the plug after it burned out by cutting the bad wire off and putting it back in the plug. I replaced the burned plug. Photo of 240V to 120V plug I produced testing or emergency usage.

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