Onan 5500 lp Generator Mechanics

Onan 5500 lp generator will be compared today with other effective Recreational Vehicle power cells of 2019 (up until now) based upon rate, fuel type, efficiency, quality, sound degree, as well as much more.

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7 Best RV Ready Alternators.

1. Cummins 3.6KY-FA/ 26120 Microquiet LP Power Cell.

2. Honda EU 3000i.

3. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Gas Recreational Vehicle Generator.

4. Stimulant eZV2000P 2000W.

5. Yamaha EF 2000iSv2.

6. Generac 6866 iQ2000.

7. Powermate PM123250.

Points to Think About When Purchasing a Recreational Vehicle Alternator.

Standard vs. Inverter Power cell.

Power Result.

Mobile vs. Long-term.


Gas Consumption.

What Kind of Gas Is Best for Recreational Vehicle Alternators?

How to Attach a Portable alternator to Your Motor Home.

Tips to Take Care Of Your New Cummins Power cell.

Best Motor Home Alterantors 2019 Comparison Graph.

Just desire a quick contrast of the most effective RV alternators for every single budget? Here’s a contrast chart of all 7 power cells (with links to locate them):.

7 Best Recreational Vehicle Ready alternators

In this section, we’ll damage down why these are the most effective options on the marketplace and take a deeper consider everyone.

1. Cummins 3.6KY-FA/ 26120 Best genest Power cell.

Cummins  Motor Home Alternator.

See Ideal Rate.

The Cummins RV alternator is the only alternator on our checklist made for permanent installment.

It is gas-powered, includes an internal muffler, as well as is ranked at 68 decibels from 10 feet on a 50-percent ton, implying it fulfills National Park demands noise.

It’s the best workhorse of all the Recreational Vehicle alterantors we evaluated as well as is very easy to make use of, trusted, and also has the very best output.

Its capability to power a 15,000 BTU ac unit easily is probably the best feature for warm summer season outdoor camping trips with the family members. It’s quickly the most powerful recreational trailer you can get. You can power devices of any kind!

Plus, this design’s side hatch makes it very easy to refuel and maintain. It is, nonetheless, an instead substantial financial investment. However, if integrity, as well as simplicity of use, is what you’re trying to find, you can do no far better than this little giant.



Easy to run.

Can run a 15,000 BTU ac unit.

The microprocessor that secures versus rises and increases.


Not mobile.


See Ideal Rate Now.

2. Honda EU 3000i.

Honda EU3000i.

See the Best Rate.

If you have done any initial study before discovering this review, this access should come as no surprise.

Honda has been building incredibly silent, easy to run Lp alternator for years. There’s an excellent factor these fly off the racks when they’re available.

Honda is among the largest, and most reliable, names in the alternator organization, and also this powerful alternator is no exception.

It’s able to run a 13,500 BTU air conditioner with space left to save for billing batteries. It throws out 2800 rated watts that are managed by a microprocessor for powering your a lot more sensitive electronic devices. You do not need to worry about this little monster unintentionally burning out your tablet computers or cell phone. You can power equipment stress-free.

Though Honda has not consisted of any type of specifications on the decibel degrees on their web site, all independent testimonials report this unit as very silent. The onboard muffler allows little more than a low hum while it’s in operation.


Exceptionally efficient.

Flaunts up to 20 hrs of use on 3.4 gallons of gas.

It can run parallel to various other alterantors if needed.

Has an electrical ignition in addition to a pull-start backup.


Larger than anticipated.

The wheel cart is offered separately.

See Ideal Price.

3. Champion 3400-Watt Twin Fuel Recreational Vehicle power cell

Champ 3400-Watt Twin Gas RV Ready Portable Inverter alternator With Electric Start.

See Ideal Cost.

If you obtain a little sticker label shock considering the price tag of the Honda or the Cummins, this little workhorse from Champ could be just what you require.

It uses 3100 operating watts as well as can run a 13,500 BTU ac unit simply great.

The largest-selling point for this fantastic little alternator is its ability to operate on either gas or gas.

Champion has thoughtfully provided a propane hose with the system, so setting it up on gas is easy. This dual-fuel capacity will offer it a little longer run time and also offer you versatility for refueling.

Customers report that it is just a little louder usually than some alterantors on the marketplace, but it’s a trade-off that we believe is worth it. According to the producer, it’s only at 59 decibels from 23 feet, which is still silent enough to delight in a nice evening in a nationwide camping site.

The price tag is another major selling factor of this model. At half the cost of the Honda, with very little drop-off inefficiency, this is an exceptional purchase for any kind of RV proprietor who doesn’t intend to trade top quality for the expense.


Twin gas– works on either propane or gas.

Parallel all set.


Runs for 7.5 hours on 1/4 load with gas or 14.5 hours on 1/4 lots with propane.


A little louder than Honda.

Some customers have reported problems with a carburetor.

See Ideal Rate.

4. Energizer eZV2000P 2000W.

Stimulant eZV2000P 2000W Gas Powered Portable Inverter Alternator.

See the Best Cost.

The Energizer eZV2000P is conveniently one of the most budget friendly 6.5s we reviewed.

It’s likewise the tiniest and lightest, but it still pumps out a great as well as quiet 1600 watts for a good 4.2 hours at one hundred percent lots.

This perfectly reputable gold generator could not be the giant that the others are, yet it’s got some extremely wonderful functions that will certainly make it appealing to those on a limited budget plan.

The remote beginning is a great function, enabling you to start it from the comfort of your Motor Home without having to trudge out in the bugs or the rain. It also runs peaceful, but not fairly as peaceful as some of the others.

You may need to reduce your assumptions as far as just how much you can run with this device, nevertheless. Though it is gas-powered as well as pretty effective for its size, its 1600 watts are going to strain under big power needs. It is lightweight as well as superb for its price, however.


It can be set up as an Identical system.

Little as well as light.

Super economical.

Remote beginning.


Not as effective as various other power cells on this list.

It can be loud on a heavy ton.

See Ideal Cost.

5. Yamaha EF 2000iSv2.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 1600 5.5 Portable.

See the Best Cost.

Cheaper than the Honda EU3000i by a slim chance, this is an additional superb option if you’re trying to find an affordable, trailer-generator ready Alternator.

It’s dependable and also features a clever throttle to ensure you get every last quit of your gas storage tank.

There is constantly a little a contest among Motor Home power cell individuals associated with whether Honda or Yamaha makes the very best cost-effective alternator …

This 1600-Watt outcome alternator has one thing the Honda alternator does not, nonetheless: a gas evaluate precisely the operating device. Never bother reading your gas result once again. More about the author

The inverter system with pulse inflection as well as throttle control ensures that you’re obtaining everything out of the fuel you put into it. It flaunts regarding 10 hrs at a 25 percent load on a solitary container, which is impressive. Click site

Much more remarkable, though, is the capacity to run the engine entirely dry. You will not have to bother with fuel caught in the gas lines before you store it away for the winter.


Features a wise throttle that immediately readjusts the fuel to the lots you’re running

Onboard muffler makes it quiet

There’s a gas gauge on the system

Inverter system with pulse modulation to avoid placing excessive pressure on delicate electronic devices


Guarantee as well as customer service response aren’t excellent

See Ideal Price

6. Generac 6866 iQ2000

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Microquiet 4000 Power Cell

See Ideal Cost

The Onan 5500 lp generator is just one of the extra economical models on our list. navigate to this website

For its cost, it’s a respectable little alternator that will take care of most tons at 1600 watts for 5.7 hrs.

That indicates you must be able to run a 10,000 BTU window-mounted AC unit for a while when you require it. My review here

This provides you a result of 7.7 hours of run time at 25 percent tons, which is quite nice for the rate. Get redirected here

Some users have reported that it runs a little harsh in the beginning, so this is something you’ll wish to consider before you make your decision on it.

Get redirected here


Straightforward to operate

Light-weight and also very mobile

3 different operating settings: ‘turbo’ for big lots, ‘common’ for typical operating, and also ‘economic situation’ for conserving gas and reduced tons


Records of it running rough when it’s first started

The output is not constant in ‘economic situation’ setting

See Best Rate

7. Powermate PM123250

Powermate PM0123250 Gas Powered Portable Alternator

See Ideal Price

A barebones Onan 5500 lp power cell, and the Powermate PM123250 is gas-powered with a hands-on start.

It produces a good deal of power without frills and is ready to go directly out of the package.

This design is probably what you thought about when you first considered a mobile Motor Home alternator. It’s an engine on wheels, yet that should not deter you from your option.

Useful reference

This little beast produces a flawlessly reputable 3250 watts and flaunts a runtime of 15 hrs at half tons. If no-frills is what you’re searching for, this could be the one for you.


Good power result at 3250 running watts

Low-oil automatic turned off

Large wheels for easy transportability & straightforward to make use of


No battery charger

Manual beginning

See Best Price

Things to Take Into Consideration When Getting an RV Power cell

The first thing to take into consideration when buying an RV alternator is how much you need it to power. Are you aiming to run a 15,000 BTU air conditioning system and also stereo, or are you comfy with a coffee machine and also a few followers? Find more info

Traditional vs. Inverter power cell

Inverter Alternator vs Standard Alternator Infographic

A conventional alternator operates on an easy engine at a normal rate. Since some contemporary electronics are delicate to surges, this might not be the very best choice. See it here

Sudden changes in current can cause serious damages to modern-day electronics, causing them to short out. The majority of alternators nowadays are the inverter, and also none of the alternatprss we assessed are traditional.


Inverter alternators operate with a microprocessor that regulates and checks the present which transforms the throttle on the engine to generate power especially for the lots carried. This is both fuel-efficient as well as produces an extra even current that is much easier on your premium tools such as cellular phones as well as tablets. A fantastic read.

Power Result

The most significant factor to consider you’ll have is most likely the power outcome. For example, if you want to ensure that your 15,000-BTU air conditioning system functions consistently, you will need to guaranty that your alternator can produce enough power to handle it. Find this.

Some devices such as microwaves and also a/c unit develop high needs on any power cells. If you have these gadgets and want to run them consistently, see to it your alternator has a high adequate wattage outcome to handle it. This page

Portable vs. Permanent

Most of the machines evaluated below are portable, as those are the most common RV alternators readily available. Portable power cells are terrific for taking camping, tailgating, or using in your house. Bonuses

If you prefer to have the convenience of a long-term alternator that is as easy to use as hitting a button, those are additionally offered.

Get More Info

Permanent alternators are set up straight on your RV unit as well as regularly link right into an onboard gas resource or backup battery. They’re usually installed by experts and also cost a fair bit more, yet they do have the advantage of being a great deal easier to use.


Sound is just one of the most important considerations for a alternator if you think you will be spending a lot of time outdoor camping in public or national forests. Most parks have guidelines on the amount of sound they are willing to tolerate from alternators. Besides, you ‘d probably instead not have a roaring, coughing monster destroying your tranquility.

Read this article

All the power cells below take alternator noise right into account and are ranked as being quite sufficient for any kind of park. The basic guideline for power cells is that they need to be a particular decibel degree within a set distance. If you think your alternator is much as well loud, there might be technical problems with it, as well as you should have a professional evaluate it. Click here now

See here

Fuel Usage

You wish to get one of the most out of the gas you take into your alternator. Of course, this also depends upon the tons you are positioning on it. Keep in mind that higher loads will certainly always deplete your fuel much faster than lighter tons. The more you run, the quicker your gas will run out.

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What Sort of Fuel Is Ideal for Recreational Vehicle Alternators?

Diesel – Diesel power cells are usually noisier and smellier than various other kinds of fuel, yet it has the advantage of shedding much cleaner. This performance indicates you’ll obtain even more use out of a single container than with normal fuel. However, diesel alterantors are rare.

This website

Gas – Gas is just one of the most common sort of fuel for Motor Home ready alternators. It’s common, though not always affordable. Numerous alternators even supply a double gas alternative that permits you to run gas and also gas. Check here

Propane – Ls is coming to be far more usual as a fuel in Motor Home alterantors. As it comes to be a lot more prominent, its schedule is enhancing. Ls has the benefit of running your alternator a great deal longer on a single storage tank than either gas or diesel.

Original site

Exactly how to Attach a Portable power cell to Your Motor Home

RVs and travel trailers are generally tailored towards setting up a portable alternator. It’s a straightforward procedure.

Drive the grounding pole into the ground where you intend to place your Cummins Ls alternator.

Connect the grounding rod to the system with the copper cable offered.

Utilize the RV or Travel Trailer’s alternator cord to link to the machine.

Start your power cell. Power ought to run to your Motor Home immediately.

Below’s a video of one more method to “permanently” install a portable alternator: Great post to read

In my toy hauler buying( separate thread) normally alternators become part of the equation. I have thought about not getting an on-board as well as obtaining a pair Honda inverters, yet still lean towards on-board power. Onan, as usual, is the primary brand name, however a lot more I dig the more I discover Cummins is about label design.

First an aside, I made use of to be in the devices organization, and also Deere utilized a lot of Cummin’s during that time, mainly B collection and the Performers, which were upgraded Bs. Additionally serviced other equipment that had CCK, and so on. When my Homelite associate most likely to, I came to be an Cummin’s supplier. Even back then their contractor power cells were off-shore gens, as well as I had a 6KW with a Kubota OHV gas motor. I likewise understand they farmed out the manufacturing of the Performers to Lineman(?) eventually. Back to today, I thought the Motor Home alternators were still Cummins, but they seem Fuji-Robin/Subaru engines. The EH65V double is, and also the EO95 seems, yet I have not located as much info on that particular specific one.

Does any person have the first-hand experience with these devices? I am not worried about Robin engines, as I was a dealer/service facility for them too, HOWEVER, Subaru has dumped the little engine service rather recently, so who is producing them currently? I question Cummins/ took it in-house. Cheapest Chinese prospective buyer? They get huge $$$, so I wish they have not decreased hill thus lots of other points. Imp source.

Fuseli, Jun 7, 2018 # 1.


TDR Participant.

I have the 6500 Commercial 240V CUMMINS Gen. No idea who makes the engine. It functions well is all I can state. IMG_2754. JPG.

Cummins12V98, Jun 7, 2018 # 2.


TDR Member.

Thanks for the details. The best I can tell is that it has the same v-twin EH65 as the 5500, yet turning 2800 RPM as opposed to 2400. Is typical upkeep stuff quite easy to accessibility? Click to read more

Fuseli, Jun 7, 2018 # 3.


TDR Member.

TFucili stated: ↑.

Many thanks for the info. Ideal I can tell is that it has the same v-twin EH65 as the 5500, however transforming 2800 RPM as opposed to 2400. Is regular upkeep things pretty very easy to gain access to?

My company

Yes doing an oil adjustment was extremely simple.

Cummins12V98, Jun 8, 2018 # 4.


my cummins 5500 is from 03, and also it’s been a fantastic alternator, never an issue, I change the oil once a year.

Killer223, Jun 8, 2018 # 5.


Have the very same type system in my 5er I set up operate on ls. Easy to preserve. Hotwired the transfer switch to power your home when they eliminated the power for the fire we had here last December.

p-Bar, Jun 10, 2018 # 6.


TDR Member.

Onan is complicated. In the bigger units, they utilize all brands of engines. consisting of Cummins. Recreational Vehicle diesel utilized Lister and also currently Kubota. Older Motor Home, BGE and also CCK used Onan’s possess engines and so did the Entertainer Collection of commercial engines. Later Linamar, a Canadian part manufacturing business, constructed them. Robin/Subaru built the red Onan portable Genset but they haven’t been built for years now. I have utilized a 3200 one and also it worked fantastically, but with any kind of portable you have to go bent on start and stop it and it can get taken as well as can’t splash.

If buying a brand-new RV then I extremely suggest acquiring it with a cummins currently constructed in as this is the most affordable way to go, aside from acquiring an “affordable” nonname Genset. By doing this you simply press the beginning button and away you go. To add a built-in afterward is a lot more expensive. If it is a Toy Hauler it can be outfitted with a fuel 5.5 kW unit as it will certainly have a gas storage tank at the back. If it’s not a plaything hauler after that I directly discover ls is easier as you do not need to bring gas but it makes the Genset a lot more pricey.

Shadrach, Jun 30, 2018 # 7.


TDR Participant.

To be clear name is going away as they are possessed by CUMMINS.

Cummins12V98, Jun 30, 2018 # 8.


Something for the OP to think about and also as an inquiry to others.

My toy hauler included a Cummins 4000 built-in as well as I hated it so much that it is now being in my shed. The important things were loud and also it vibrated the trailer to the point that the drinks in a glass had rings rippling in them.

So I returned to utilizing my command startable Honda3000 installed on the vehicle for a silent usage.

I repented making use of the machine in camping areas during alternator hours because of how loud it was as well.

Do the remainder of you get them in trailer vibrations?

It’s too bad that the area it was in is only around 2″ too reduced to get the Honda into it.

Paulson, Jul 1, 2018 # 9.


TDR Member.

I have ZERO concerns with mine.

Cummins12V98, Jul 1, 2018 # 10.


TDR Participant.

I would certainly advise finding an older 2 cylindrical tube 1800 RPM. They opt for around $500 a pop for the 4KW versions utilized. All the time the sound of 1800 RPM vs. the 3600 RPM errors.

The second something costly dies on the 3600w screamer on my Motor Home I have an old 1989 2 cyl 1800 RPM unit tired out in. It will certainly be some time I expect. Poor of the older ones are the regulatory authorities go pop from not running. (Oxidized high resistance slip rings from not running and stated regulators are pricey). Along with 1989 having “points”.

Plaything haulers usually have a gas pump for the toys on board so gas is common. No matter Gas spoils quick and exhaust smells bad vs. gas.

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I do not have a resonance with my Cummins power cell. Louder than a few other, yes. Nonetheless, it can as well as do power the AC decreasing the road, is pushbutton from the inside while not dressed to obtain Coffee going, isn’t most likely to easily walk away, and also does not call for setup or teardown at camp. Well unless I run the Gen-Turi exhaust expansion.

Even the newer garbage Champ portable RV gensets are fairly peaceful. No matter as long as it satisfies the Woodland Service noise restrictions, as well as there, are alternator hours …