Onan Microquiet 4000 Generator Is Great

Onan microquiet 4000 generator could save you when you least expect it. If you’ve ever before withstood a power outage, you recognize just how easy it is to take reputable, available power for granted. You stumble around lighting candle lights, as well as even after hours of living in relative darkness, you still find on your reaching for light switches fruitless. Though frustrating, you recognize the electrical company will repair the problem and life will ultimately go back to normal– but in a motorhome, it may not be that very easy. While the 12-volt DC system will indeed maintain your lights on (for some time), other modern benefits that operate on 120-volt A/C power (like the TV, air conditioning unit, microwave and various other devices you may bring) will not be available in the alternator decreases when you’re boondocking. Your ideal defense against such a circumstance is routine alternator upkeep.

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Most of us wouldn’t think of purchasing an automobile, driving it a couple of miles each summer, and after that neglecting it for the remainder of the year, but that’s essentially what a lot of motorhome proprietors do when it concerns their 4.0 power cell

A 4000 is comprised mainly of an engine, one that shares a lot of resemblances with other engines consisting of (when it comes to a fuel alterantor) a carburetor, air and also oil filters, belts, and various other parts. You may have grown familiar with that power plant barking to life whenever you push the start switch, however, all it takes is a few months of forgetting as well as the power cell can leave you in the dark– literally.

To get some skilled guidance on mobile home maintenance, we checked out Smith Powerhouse Inc. in Bellflower, California, a factory-authorized solution and also warranty center for Cummins, Honda, Kohler and also Generac power cells. Proprietor David Voloshin and also store supervisor Matt Rudametkin have licensed master alternator specialists who have almost 50 years of experience between them, as well as they have seen it all.

By far one of the most common cummins units in operation today are the 4,000-watt Cummins (known as the MicroLite, MicroQuiet and the Recreational Vehicle QG), 5,500- and 7,000-watt Cummins (called the Marquis Gold 5500 as well as 7000 or RV QG 5500 and Motor Home QG 7000) and also the Cummins Quiet Diesel generators, so these will certainly be the focus of this write-up. While the most frequent kinds of maintenance, such as oil/filter and also ignition system changes shouldn’t show also tough for a lot of DIYers (and can save some money), Smith Giant recommends versus more advanced maintenance treatments for two vital factors: One, you will likely do even more damage than great if you don’t know what you are doing; and 2, there are several ways to seriously harm yourself. When it pertains to major set up upkeep, it’s finest to leave the hefty lifting to specialists like Smith Giant.

With all that claimed, allow’s take a better consider what’s inside those acquainted eco-friendly (or black) boxes.

Cummins MicroLite, MicroQuiet, Recreational Vehicle QG

[1] This is what a lot of us know when we open up the alterantor  area door: a plastic box that informs us little or absolutely nothing regarding its inner operations. Yet the preferred Cummins watt gas alternators are easy to service. Begin by turning both black bars to release the front cover. [2] The Cummins 4,000-watt alternator is a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine created to work on fuel. Over the start/stop button (A) is the carburetor (B), which is fitted with a mixing screw (C) near the bottom to permit restricted modifications for elevation. The cover fixed up with “OHV” is the shutoff cover. The bottom right is the yellow oil filler/dipstick (D). Keep in mind the huge brush setting up (E); this acts as a gasket to compartmentalize the engine elements when the cover is in area, advertising correct air movement from the fan (at left, not noticeable) over the important engine components. It is for this reason that you should never run the alternator with the cover off, also in very heat. See to it you have the ID tag info (F) on hand when buying components.

[3] Inspecting the oil is similar to any other engine: Unscrew the cap and note the degree. If the alternator has been correctly preserved and also the oil has been altered at the advised periods, it ought to be brownish such as this– not dark brownish or black. [4] Before altering the alternator’s oil, run it for a minimum of 10 minutes to get it up to operating temperature, which aids the oil drainpipe quickly and also entirely. Motorhomes factory-equipped with a power cell similar to this one (and even alternator preparation) will certainly have gain access to the panel below the alternator area. Just remove the two screws as well as the drainpipe plug will certainly be revealed.

[5] Eliminate the plug, and also allow the oil to drain pipes into an ideal container. The Cummins 4,000-watt alternators only hold 1.7 quarts of oil, so this procedure goes quite promptly. This This system doesn’t use an oil filter, so all you need to do now is replace the drainpipe plug and access panel, as well as replenish the crankcase with the advised oil. [6] The air-filter real estate is additionally plainly labeled, and also the component is very easy to inspect/replace. Merely remove the wing nut on the side of the housing, and after that remove the wing nut that holds the filter in place. The filter can then be drawn free. This one still looks in good condition; a filter in requirement of a substitute will certainly be a dark shade. When replacing the filter, make sure to reinstall both wing nuts, not simply the one on the housing, or the filter will certainly not be seated effectively and also will certainly unclean incoming air.

13] Do not neglect that the cummins engine is greater than simply an engine– it’s a power-generation system. Allowing it to sit for extended periods can create the brushes to stick and also the slip ring (shown) to oxidize, causing any variety of power-delivery issues. This damage is not conveniently repairable and also will certainly more than likely need the attention of a professional.alterantors-0093

alternators-0084 [14] The Cummins 6.5 watt alternator is an overhead shutoff engine, full of valve springtimes as well as rocker arms. Shutoff clearance is readjusted ina comparable style to lots of various other engines, with a set of wrenches and a feeler scale. Nevertheless, neither Smith Powerhouse nor Cummins suggests you try this yourself. For one thing, valves that are also limited or loose will cause engine damage. And, an accidental bump of the starter can suggest severe injury.

[15] Wherever you might take your power cell for service or troubleshooting, Smith Giant advises you ask the store employees if they have a tons bank. Similar to a dynamometer for cars, a lot of financial institutions can fill the marquis systeme to various percents to see to it it’s running appropriately and creating the right regularity, amperage as well as voltage for a provided tons. Smith Powerhouse conducts this test with every alternator it services.alterantors-0088

Cummins Marquis Gold/RV QG 5500 and also 7000 power cell’s

[1] Another preferred propane gas alterantor is the 5,500- and also 7,000-watt Cummins power cell, usually discovered in bigger gas Course A motorhomes. It is a V-twin engine oriented on its side, with the shutoff covers dealing with up (the right cylinder shows up). Though it is a completely various design from the Cummins 4,000-watt alternators, numerous upkeep procedures are comparable. Note, for instance, that the oil fill/dipstick remains in the same location as the alternators-0109

The air cleaner makes use of a paper component that is conveniently obtainable from the front of the device. Simply unsnap the clips and also the cover comes straight off. This filter aspect still looks excellent.

[3] Draining pipes the oil on the 5500 and 7000 is easy, since it makes use of a petcock as opposed to a drainpipe plug. Cozy the engine for concerning 10 mins, then put a pan beneath and open up the petcock; the oil is transmitted beneath the coach via a rubber hose.

[5] The Marquis Gold has its spark plugs oriented on the sides of the cylinders (A), which can make them a challenge to get to. A swivel socket suffices right here. Eliminating the left (or No. 1) cylinder spark plug needs the elimination of the air-filter assembly first. alternators-0115-crop

Depending upon the year and design, the 5,500- and 7,000-watt alternators may have two fuel filters: this additional one, near the carburetor, and also a key one at the fuel pump. Be sure to examine your particular alterantor to see if it has two; Smith Giant says a lot of home mechanics do not understand about the main filter, so they don’t change it and also wonder why the alternator still does not run correctly.

Onan Microquiet 4000 alternator explained.

[2, 3] Quiet Diesel 6,000-, 7,500- as well as 8,000-watt alternators, the radiator cap is located beneath a plate to the left of the coolant fill. Eliminate the fastener that secures the plate, then lift on the home plate and also pull it towards you. You can after that pull out the filler neck and also eliminate the cap to inspect the coolant level in the radiator. Only eliminate this cap when the engine is cold; eliminating it when warm can lead to serious burns.

[4] The coolant fill is simply to the left of the oil fill/dipstick. It is necessary to keep in mind that this is an overflow container, similar to the one alongside the radiator on your auto. Its degree fluctuates relying on the alternator machine temperature level, so even if it is full does not indicate the radiator is full.alterantors-0098.

[5, 6] The air-filter cartridge is located below the device at the front. It likewise utilizes two wing nuts– one for the housing, one for the filter, so don’t fail to remember to change both.

[7] Cummins Quiet Onan units are so dependable that people sometimes neglect that they require maintenance. Allowing an air filter to obtain this dirty not just decreases performance, however, can admit dirt right into the engine that will certainly create damages over time. Just an FYI: Changing a alternator similar to this one is about $8,000, plus tax obligation and also labor.power cells-0103.

The oil-drain plug on Quiet Diesel alternator’s lies directly beneath the unit.

[9] The oil filter (A) is accessed via an examination plate below the unit. An oil-filter wrench may be required to eliminate it, and also you’ll have to replace it by feel, however, it’s simple.

Onan micro quiet 4000 generator are susceptible to ending up being gummed up with impurities from old fuel, a down payment called varnish. Without the enhancement of a fuel chemical, this can happen in as brief a period as one month if the RV, or RV, is extra. When this happens, it will be required to remove and also clean the carburetor as part of flushing the whole fuel system. 5000 carburetors are generally of primitive design, and also their elimination is uncomplicated so long as the layout of the Recreational Vehicle enables very easy accessibility.

Action 1

Make use of a flexible wrench to detach the negative cable television of the battery which serves to start the 5500 machine. This will typically be the coach battery. This is especially vital if your alternator has a devoted low-pressure gas pump fitted in-line.

Action 2

Establish the area of the lp carburetor on your power cell. Utilize your owner’s manual or follow the fuel line.

Step 3

If there are any kind of control cables affixed to the carburetor, utilize a tiny spot of different colored nail gloss to note each spade connector and also it’s terminal and after that meticulously slide the spade adapters off the terminals. Place the wires where they can not be damaged. Rv carburetors do not typically have circuitry to them.

Tip 4

Utilize an adjustable wrench to free the nut holding the fuel line to the inlet port of the carburetor. Carefully draw the fuel line away from the inlet, as well as cover completion with masking tape to prevent the access of contaminants.

Step 5

Make use of an appropriately sized socket to remove the bolts holding the carburetor to the body of the Onan engine. There will commonly be 2 screws, however, some versions have a lot more. Place the screws where they will not be lost.

Attract the carburetor away from its place, attempting not to harm the gasket. Utilize a rag dipped in a solvent such as acetone to cleanse the face of the engine where the carburetor was sited, and after that bunch up a clean item of rag and also insert it somewhat right into the hole in the engine to maintain pollutants from going into.


Use a digital cam to take photos of the carburetor before removing the 6500 it from the power cell.These will certainly make valuable reference overviews when reinstalling the unit.

Older gaskets may fracture when the carburetor is eliminated. Make sure to check for this, as well as make use of brand-new gaskets if necessary.

Things you will require

Adjustable wrench

Nail polish

Masking tape

Outlet collection

Tidy cloth



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To replace your carburetor for repair service objectives or to purchase a new set, you will require to recognize its checklist number. The list number is marked on your carburetor, either on the edge of the airhorn or choke tower or, if it doesn’t have an airhorn, on the main body. Remove the carburetor from your lorry before searching for the listing number to easily locate the details you need.

Step 1

Position your carburetor right-side-up in a well-lit area. You will certainly recognize if the part is right-side up if the four-bolt openings sticking out from the body of the carburetor are resting on the ground.

Action 2

Establish who the manufacturer of your carburetor is. Various suppliers mark their names on different components of the carburetor, but the name needs to be very easy to discover. Examine the gas lines and body sides. Some common manufacturer names to look for are Holley, Edelbrock, Quadrajet, Pierberg, Weber and also Hitachi.

Action 3

Check out the top front of the carburetor on the item known as the airhorn, or choke tower. This is a rectangular component of the carburetor with rounded sides, available to the top of the component. There will be a small number marked there. The style of the number will vary depending on the make, version as well as a year of your cars and truck and also the carburetor that suits it.

Call your vehicle supply or carburetor package store and review them the number to determine which set you will certainly require to get for replacement.


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How to Repaint a Carburetor


Repainting a carburetor entails some cautious actions to guarantee proper adhesion, resilience as well as look of the end product. For some traditional and also classic car owners, it is likewise important to refinish the car to exact specifications or make use of as close to initial materials whenever possible. Take care to prepare the surface of the carburetor and make use of the best products to repaint it, as well as your carburetor,  can look comparable to brand-new when you complete the paint job.

Step 1

Tidy as well as prepare the surface area of the carburetor. For rust and deterioration problems, utilize the cord brush, sponge as well as sandpaper to loosen any type of flakes and also bring the steel back to the bare, smooth surface. The sides in between the painted area as well as the bare metal must be hard to identify when you run a bare turn over the location. Apply a little dab of carburetor cleaner to the steel woolen sponge, and also wipe the surface area in tight circles. Tidy up any kind of dust as well as debris with a store vacuum, and wipe the carburetor one last time with carburetor cleaner and also a tidy dustcloth.

Action 2

Tape all areas of the carburetor that you do not desire to paint on or in. The painter’s tape ought to be thoroughly applied so it does not cover any type of area that requires paint. Open your carburetor primer can, and make use of one of the angle brushes to use the guide to all rusted and also bare places. The guide needs to be applied anywhere the existing coating has been scuffed. Allow the primer dry.

Open up the can of paint. Be sure you have picked an oxide paint that is heat immune and authorized for use on carburetors. One of the most common carburetor colors is black, chrome and also silver. Utilizing your various other angle brush, repaint the surface area with an even coat, leaving no touches, leaks or runs. Use fast, light strokes to obtain the very best outcomes. Allow this coat completely dry, as well as evaluate the outcomes. If needed, use another light coat or retouch areas before you get rid of the tape.


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When possible, paint your carburetor before you mount the alterantor to stay clear of leaking paint on other parts of the engine. If you fit eliminating the carburetor, take it out, repaint it as well as re-install it.

Collection agencies of traditional, as well as original muscle mass cars, could want to research their carburetor brand name to guarantee the authenticity of the original layout.