Onan-5.5-Generator for Camping

Onan 5.5 generator was all I needed for my camping trip. I simply purchased a brand-new motorhome which comes criterion with a 5.5 k Onan. This is my initial motorhome so I am not comfy with what dimension alternator I “require”. The worst situation from a load stand factor is that I stay in Texas as well as in 100+ level warm I would require to run both a/c’s while driving in the future. Am I overlooking anything?

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Supplier stated they constantly upgrade their stock to include 7.0 k.


Do I need to update? Or am I being up-sold?

Additionally, the upgrade ($ 1000 cost) is still carbohydrate as well as not EFI. Because these can rest for long periods throughout the winter season should I promote EFI to prevent managing carb-gum problems?


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Alternator 5.5 vs. 7.0.

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I have had not a problem running both roofs covering broadcasts with my machine. The biggest problem I have is if I have the water heater readied to electrical, then run a coffee maker and/or microwave – that pops a breaker on the power cell. As long as I bear in mind to take the water heater off of electrical and either leave it off or put to lp, I have not had trouble.



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Re: Alternator vs. 7.0.

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Your alternator requires to be utilized every month under full load, even when in storage space. Yes, you have to drive to where stored and also spend an hr but you will remain a problem complimentary. They are made to run every day under load.

I would certainly obtain the 7K. I won’t buy new or newer without out at the very least 6.5, what I have no it is the smallest I ‘d have so that elec at 100+ would never be a problem. I’ve resided in TX, AZ as well as the S CA desert– for me its a safety and security variable and also I construct in the most effective options I can manage.


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Alternator 2.0 vs. 7.0.

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The typical Onan 2.0 is a good alternator. Its been in solution for many years, running 2 Air conditioners without issue. The $1000 distinction will get a lot of alternator run time gas.



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Re: alternator vs. 7.0.

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Both a/c’s use about 3000 watts, so the machone has greater than adequate ability. The only restriction you may run into is with other high amp tools on the same “leg” of the service, e.g. a water heater and also among the’ c’s cycling on at the same time. The bigger alternator most likely soothes that a restraint a bit, though it’s still not fail-safe.

Does the Motor Home have 50A solution – you are most likely to want that for those high warm days.




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Re: Alternator vs. 7.0.

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Yes, its a brand-new 2012 Tiffin Allegro with 50 amp.

Another concern …

We often take a trip with someone that has a Travel Trailer as well as a typical 30 amp. Because the 7k gen is more than enough to power the trainers 2 a/c’s, is it feasible to wire a pigtail and also enable the various other traveler trailers to plugin as well as this solitary alternator run that trailer as well?


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Re: alternator vs. 7.0.

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I have a 7.5 quite diesel and also have run two motorhomes simultaneously extremely pleasantly. >> > Dan.


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Alternator vs. 7.0.

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Certain. We have shared power with various other Motor homes relatively typically. The simplest point to do is just run a 15 amp extension cable to the various other gear, providing standard power to charge batteries and also run a fridge. Attempting to get them something near 30A calls for using your alternator output somewhere and also adding a 30A receptacle. You as well as they will likewise require a 2 or 3 or even 4 30A extension cables unless they are close. There will be some voltage decrease if the cables are long.

Subject: Oil for Onan kW alterantor?

Posted By: Camper Ken on 08/28/12 12:21 pm.

For the temperature range that suits my needs, Onan suggests 15W-40 oil. The only 15W-40 oil I can conveniently find is Covering Rotella as well as Delo.

which are formulated for the diesel motor?

Ok to use either of these oils in a gas engine?

Many thanks, Ken.

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Published By: Hileman on 08/28/12 12:56 pm.

I just did my 1st oil adjustment on our 5,500 gen as well as utilized Covering Rotella had it running for over 35+ human resources last week so far all good.

I run Covering Rotella in every point I own gas or diesel engines and also been doing it for over 14 years and also never had an oil problem.


Published By: mlts22 on 08/28/12 01:01 pm.

I ‘d look for full artificial because the machine is sprinkle lubed without a filter, so oil functions a lot more challenging than in a pressurized system. Aside from that, a name brand 15W-40 needs to be great.

Published By: Wind Hawkins on 08/28/12 01:17 pm.

I think 15W-40 is fine for most alternator use. We utilize Rotella 5W-40 to provide a complete range of insurance coverage yet less complicated starting if we fired up during an ice tornado.

Posted By: dboliek1112 on 08/28/12 01:35 pm.

We make use of 5w-30 Mobil One is ours and it’s ticking right along. Need it offered for any wintertime troubles that could take place.

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Published By: Popsie on 08/28/12 01:57 pm.

Onamax oil is 15W-40, and normally available from places like Outdoor camping World and also Motor Home dealerships.

Posted By: Talla Apopka on 08/28/12 02:26 pm.

If my Onan 5.5 Generator power cell splash lubed why does it have an oil filter?

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Posted By: Camper Ken on 08/28/12 02:32 pm.

Popsie wrote:

Onamax oil is 15W-40, as well as usually available from locations like Outdoor Camping World as well as RV dealers.

Yes, however, I’m not going to pay over $8.00 a quart for it.

Published By: DryCamper11 on 08/28/12 02:49 pm.

Talla Apopka composed:

If my kV is splash lubed why does it have an oil filter?

You didn’t upload the design. made great deals of KW devices – some with oil filters, some without. The classic CCK came both with and without.

And regarding I recognize, also those without oil filters have an oil pump as well as run oil under stress (my 1972 CCK does), they just do not constantly run it with a filter.

And also I presume you indicated KW. A kilovolt unit would certainly be quite stunning [smiley]

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Panamax 15-40 and Cummins Blue 15-40 are both made by Valvoline as well as are corresponded to their Valvoline All Fleet 15-40.

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Posted By: chinook507 on 08/28/12 04:43 pm.

If you review the rear of the oil container and also contrast it to the rear of the Rotella, you will certainly see all the same specs. I have 250 hrs on Rotella 15w-40 and also have had no concerns. I likewise run the Rotella in my 4 wheelers so it is a win for me to only have to get 1 sort of oil.

Posted By: Gary Gizmo on 08/28/12 07:05 pm.

I was using artificial oil in my alternator as well as quit at my regional solution facility and also told them that I was utilizing artificial oil and also they said not to use artificial oil. It has something to do with warmth( ambient temperature) and also the reduced oil sensor in the alternator. The synthetic oil obtains so slimly that the alternator does not recognize today of oil in the power cell and also closes down.

For what it deserves. I am now utilizing routine oil.

Uploaded By: MEXICOWANDERER on 08/28/12 07:13 pm.

Rotella is different than Rotella T although you can locate both oils in 15W-40 weight.

Rotella T is a higher quality oil, referred to as a “set oil” by those that make it in the refinery compound house. The included soot carrying capacity would certainly have no unfavorable effect on a gas engine.

Posted By: Atlanta on 08/29/12 07:31 am.

I agree with Talla Apopka, my 5500 does have an oil filter. I likewise use Rotella T.



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I very much appreciate the opinions I get right here so I am inquiring as I’m checking out a train that has a Generac alternator. I want to recognize just how well they contrast to an in dependability? Our parts and service easily offered or are they a “red-headed stepchild” in that situation? Changing it is not something I would certainly intend to do after doing that on my old train a year ago.

Many thanks!

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Posted By: Golden_HVAC on 01/29/16 12:29 am.

Generac and are equally large businesses, and both make remarkable products.

I have a buddy that has a Generac, and it functions excellent! I have a machine, and also it worked excellent for the initial 15 years that I had the RV …

Good luck.


Posted By: jersey Jim on 01/29/16 03:05 am.

Mine (2001) featured a GENERAC. Just one major trouble, a crankshaft oil seal blew out … oil everywhere. Had a store remove, reconstruct and re-install. Around 2300 bucks. HOWEVER … throughout Sandy, I started it up and also with an expansion cable headache, the genny given lights and TELEVISION and also the refrigerator for 4 straight days. It RAN for 4 straight days! (The motorhomes’ 75-gallon gas storage tank. recently filled, assisted as well!).

Reading here on the Online forum, either GENERAC … both are excellent, both have issues. And … btw, components for GENERAC are readily available. Dealers appear far and few between, so any type of major work … find a great store.

Posted By: RJsfishin on 01/29/16 05:28 am.

My 2001 5500 Generac is a Kohler engine, … maybe all are. The engine is just as excellent and also the solution is equally as readily available (maybe extra so) But … … offered an option, I ‘d take the While is a loud pos, the Generac is worse. But that’s after utilizing my eu1000 almost solely for many years, …( solar combined in). a big one for Micro just.


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Published By: mlts22 on 01/29/16 07:20 am.

Powertech (if a diesel), paying the huge dollars for Kohler, or obtaining a mobile Genset.

Uploaded By: zigzag on 01/29/16 08:11 am.

I have a Generac 5500 in my 03 mh. PO benefited FEMA and ran it 24/7 for thirty days while in New Orleans after Katrina. I currently have concerning 1500 hours on it as well as the only trouble I had was a completely dry rotted gas line. It’s peaceful and also trustworthy. I do regular maintenance on it.


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Uploaded By: Chris Bryant on 01/29/16 08:16 am.

I would be a little leary of the Generac Impact 3600- nice concept, but they seem to have quite a few inverter related troubles.

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Published By: Roberts on 01/30/16 10:24 am.

I have had a great deal of difficulty obtaining parts for my machine.

Now I have reduced oil stress as well as the engine needs tearing down to check out. It will cost me regarding $2k extra, but I’m simply mosting likely to replace my unit with a power cell. So, my point of view, when you have a selection, don’t get a Generac Motor Home gen set.

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Posted By: MEXICOWANDERER on 01/30/16 01:00 pm.

makes 20 MEGAWATT alternators. I like KATO as well as LIMA yet that’s an entire various situation.

Every LAST Generac I offered established alternator problems. Obtain a bit fourteen or nineteen times and also it often tends to make an individual Weapon Shy. The resurgences ate any kind of profit included after that pursued my pocketbook.

Inadequate information here to analyze both’s life-span. A person who owns a general or for a mere 3 thousand hrs of usage is not a “specialist” on resilience. Check the WEIGHT difference in between the two gen collections. If the Generac turns out to be substantially lighter, it ain’t because they use helium in the steel.

Posted By: RJsfishin on 01/30/16 01:57 pm.

Currently weight figures out top quality??

Reread the thread,… he wasn’t talking about batteries !!

Published By: j-d on 01/30/16 02:46 pm.

We leased a power cell that we made use of several times over the short time we had the RV. It started conveniently, ran efficiently, and also made electrical energy. We’ve had 2  gensets. The initial was a “BFA”, ancestor of the Emerald Series. Twin cylindrical tube 1800-RPM MACHINES. Our Microlite 4KY starts, runs, creates also, however, I would not call it a “device.” Just something that functions. Generac offered me the very same impression. A bigger Generac like 5500 could be more like the equivalent Emerald.

Based only on what I have reviewed here, is the far better choice. It may not be all that better a maker, however, it supplies much larger accessibility of parts and also the solution. It appears there are a lot more parts online, even more, stores ready to service  however not Generac.

Better trainer with Generac? Possibly far better off with the far better instructor, Generac as well as all.

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Posted By: Tom_M on 01/31/16 06:55 am.

Generac no longer makes RV alternators so this machine is about the only selection if getting brand-new.